TriviaMaster: The Good Times Trivia Challenge

TriviaMaster: The Good Times Trivia Challenge

TriviaMaster© is a proven means to draw a crowd on typically dead nights.

The goal of TriviaMaster© is to increase the patronage of bars and restaurants during the week nights, when business is usually slow. Players will come for the event, and once there, they become patrons for the duration of the game.

Picture your dining room on your slowest night. Now picture it filled to capacity for three hours. That is what TriviaMaster© brings to the table. Depending upon the popularity in the area, you can expect anywhere from ten to twenty five teams to play any given week. With an average of six players per team, that is an additional sixty to one hundred and fifty patrons, who are guaranteed to be there for at least two hours, more likely closer to three. How much business would you do with another fifteen full tables? Another twenty? Twenty five?

TriviaMaster© makes it easy for you as a business owner or manager to participate. Our trained TriviaMaestros© run the entire event, from start to finish. We provide templates for marketing materials so you can advertise your events. The only thing you will have to do is give out more shifts to cover the new customers!

If you would like more information on the TriviaMaster© program, please fill out our Information Request Form and one of our sales associates will contact you to describe the program in more detail, including pricing and availability.

You haven't done trivia until you've taken the TriviaMaster© Challenge!

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